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Buy Real local grown Xmas Trees get the real sprit of christmas

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Christmas wouldn't quite be the same without the aesthetic that comes along with it. Sparkling lights, Christmas trees and red, green and gold baubles..

With a large range of Christmas trees, hand-made holly wreaths, planted flower arrangements, pot plants, decorations and delicious fresh local vegetables start your Christmas at Gardeners Delight Nursery in Barnstaple We have been growing and supplying Christmas trees from our nursery site in Barnstaple, North Devon for over twenty five years.

All our trees are pruned to form a dense bushy tree with a good conical shape; We supply three types of Christmas trees in a range of sizes from four foot to fifteen foot. With easy clean parking and selection area, our friendly staff will help you select a tree and net your tree for easy transport, we also also offer a delivery option. .

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1 Mile from Roundswell roundabout(Sainsburys) Towards Eastleigh on the Old BideFord Road.

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Our tree varieties

The traditional Christmas tree, with glossy dark green foliage was introduced to our homes by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria, and has the traditional scent associated with Christmas All our Norway spruce are hand pruned to give a lovely conical shape and are grown by us or from a local grower ensuring a fresh tree that will drop very few needles.
Nordmann Fir
The very best of needle holding Christmas trees Nordmann firs have foliage that is dark green with a silver sheen and has a fantastic aroma. They are a premium tree that will hold 99% of their needles, with many of our customers placing the tree in their gardens until March. Slower growing and requiring a high rain fall and cooler climate to grow to their best we now supply these trees from a Scottish grower who has these ideal conditions to produce top quality premium graded trees with a beautiful shape
Xmas tree Xmas tree
Xmas tree Nordmann Fir Xmas tree

Taking Care of your Xmas tree

Tree Care
Cut 25mm off the bottom of the trunk and place in a bucket of water for a few hours or until you are ready to bring your tree into your home. We recommend that you use a container or tree stand that will hold water so that you can hydrate your tree over the festive season. Do not place trees against radiators or near to fires.
Xmas tree

Holly Wreaths and Fresh Vegetables

Hand-made traditional holly wreaths are available from the beginning of December. We usually have good selection of ready-made wreaths for you to choose from, but as we make all our wreaths by hand, we welcome orders to ensure that they are available for you at busy times. We also make large door decorative wreaths from a range of natural materials either to order or available from our pre made selection.
Enjoy your Christmas dinner with our fresh locally grown vegetables, we will have a selection including SPROUTS on STALKS in our farm shop. We also have a range of Christmas decorations, flowering house plants and seasonal planters available from our nursery
Xmas tree

Our traditional growing plant nursery is based on the outskirts of Barnstaple at Roundswell and we still grow over 90% of the plants that we sell. As an independent local family run plant centre, we grow over 1000 different varieties of plants including, shrubs, climbers, herbaceous perennials, ornamental and fruit trees as well as bulbs, bedding and vegetable plants. As we grow such a large proportion of the plants we sell our plants are suited to the local Devon climate and are of the highest quality at affordable prices. Whether you are a novice or experienced gardener our friendly trained staff are on hand to assist you.

Spring flowering Bulbs

  • Daffodils

    Narcissi bulbs

    Daffodils are the highlight of spring. They look great in any garden either planted in containers, in borders, or under trees and shrubs. Whilst traditionally thought of as a yellow flowering bulb, we have many unusual varieties that come in colors of white or pink. We supply large grade, high quality bulbs, in a wide variety for you to choose from. Read More

  • Tulips

    bluebell bulbs

    Tulips are one of the most popular bulbs. They provide brilliant shapes, colours and heights, that can bring depth to your garden. Tulips can be used in beds and boarders, but are also ideal for containers. Tulips like to be in well-drained soil and in a sunny position. Tulips can also make an impact in your garden when planted in larger groups and blocks. Try and pick varieties that complement each other in colour when planting close together. Read More

  • General Bulb Planting hints

    • Turn the soil over to a depth of about eight to ten inches. Add enough compost to make it loose and crumbly.
    • Don't plant your bulbs where you always see standing water in early spring. They like well-drained sites.
    • Get your bulbs in the ground in September, October, or early November-before the last hard frost. Cover the bulbs with soil, water well, and provide two to four inches of mulch on top of the soil.
    • Plant bulbs to their recommended depths: For daffodils, fritillarias, hyacinths, and tulips, plant six to eight inches deep; for crocuses, snowdrops, Spanish bluebells, and other small bulbs, plant three to four inches deep.
    • Add a balanced natural organic fertilizer in the spring when the bulbs first appear and again after they have bloomed. It is not necessary to add fertilizer to the bulbs as you plant them, but you need to help them recharge their food banks after they have bloomed.
    • Cut off the spent flower heads after your bulbs have bloomed, but don't cut off the foliage. The leaves help provide nutrients to what will become the next season's bulbs
    • Plant in drafts/clouds trainage not single or in straight lines
      • In a Circular group
      • In a Triangle pattern, uses less bulbs for major impact
      • Scatter bulbs, for natural look
      • Plant bulbs in groups for more striking effects 12 bulbs for large, 50 bulbs for smaller

  • Bluebells

    bluebell bulbs

    H. non scripta (Bluebells) Bluebells are a very popular bulb. They bring a wash of colour in woodlands and other areas in the spring time. They ideal to plant in bed and boarders, under trees and woodland areas within your garden. They will bring colour early in the season. Read More

  • Crocus

    bluebell bulbs

    Crocuses are part of the iris family, and are a perennial bulb. They come back every year, and bring with them blooms in a variety of colour. These bulbs are ideal for some colour in the winter and can also naturalize over time. Read More

  • Anemone


    Anemone bulbs (also called windflowers) create an interesting, vibrant impact in the garden. They look like an unusual, delicate oriental flower, but can withstand all weathers, as they are very resilient and durable. They return year after year to give your garden that beautiful burst of colour in the spring that is much needed. Read More

Bulbs blogs

Please read our range of blow articles on general gardening issues including these on using spring flowering bulbs

Designing flower beds with bulbs

Bulbs can be used in flower beds to provide the bridge to full summer colour, to naturalise a boaring lawn. add colour to shade areas, bring spring colour to patio and hard landscape areas. Bulbs in borders Bulbs are an effortless yet beautiful addition to any boarder. They will bring colour and interest to your garden, and guarantee to come back every year without fail. When planting and growing bulbs, it is important to plant at least five to six in one group, this way when they flower it will give you a better display with more impact. Choose varieties with lots of colour that go well next to each other.

Designing spring flower containers

Spring flowing bulbs in containers, pots and window boxes provide instant impact at the start of spring. By combining two, three or more bulbs that flower at different times can lengthen the period of time you have colour for. Planting in layer's can also generate longer lasting displays. Read more

How to naturailse a lawn

A delight of spring are Drifts of daffodils, snowdrops and crocus. they are simple to create and will last for many years. The only drawback of growing bulbs in grass is that you cannot cut the grass for six weeks after the bulbs have flowered (chop off the foliage earlier and next year's flowering will be adversely affected). This can be overcome by choosing early-flowering varieties, or creating a mixed area with summer flowering plants and wild flowers Read more

Gardening throughout the Winter

Plants of the month

This months
Gardening Tips/Hints

  • Stake plants that are still flowering or could suffer from wind damage over the winter. .
  • Remove summer bedding plants and replant with Autumn & Winter bedding plants, such as violas, pansies and wallflowers, under plant with spring flowering bulbs. .
  • Plant up containers near to the house with violas and bulbs for some winter and spring colour
  • Plant shrubs and trees as long as the ground is not frozen, they require less care next spring as their roots will already be established. .
  • Rough dig with a spade ground that you want to use next spring and let nature break it down for you over the winter. .
  • Cut back by one third rose bushes. .
  • Cut any deciduous hedges.
  • Fork over any hard patches in your lawn to stop water logging as the winter gets wetter. .
  • Sow over wintering broad beans.
  • Manure the vegetable plot, leaving the worms to pull it into the soil over the winter.
  • Make a home for overwintering hedgehogs etc. from a pile of logs and small branches, under bushes is best as this will help to keep it dry.

  • Hnon scripta Alba

    Hyacinthoides non scripta alba

    a RARE white flowered form of the "English Bluebell"

  • Heuchera Sweet Tart

    Heuchera Sweet Tart

    This heuchera produces very tangy, lime colored foliage in a tight mound with amazing bicolored cerise and hot pink colored flowers held on dark stems in wandlike clusters. A miniature that blooms all spring, summer, and fall. Great for pots.

  • Augustifolia Havana

    Augustifolia Havana

    A compact lavender with frosted bi-colour buds turning to dark blue. The aromatic blooms are produced in early and late summer. Havanna has silver foliage that continues to look attractive throughout the winter.

  • Clematis-Kimiko

    Clematis Kimiko

    An easy to grow spring flowering evergreen clematis. It has pure white scented flowers. It is only necessary to prune this clematis to tidy up.

  • Clematis montana Elizabeth

    Clematis montana Elizabeth

    This is a fast growing clematis.The green tinged bronze is smothered in small rich scented pink flowers in early spring. Prune after immediately after flowering if required.

  • Crocus-ruby-giant

    Crocus ruby giant

    Reddish-purple flowers, in spring, that open to show a bright orange stigma. They like a sunny position, and will grow up to 10cm in height. Flowers from February .

Avaiable in our Nursery now

  • Fruit & Vegetables

    vegetables for sale Growing your own delicious fruit and vegetables starts with good varieties and quality plants that are easy to grow on. As market gardeners for over 25 years we produce a range of plants that we use ourselves in our market garden, grown for flavour and disease resistance. As well as fruit trees we grow a range of potted fruit bushes for planting at any time of year, with currents, raspberries and rhubarb always proving very popular. Read More

  • Heucheras

    climbers for sale

    Heucheras are an evergreen, herbaceous perennial that are native to North America. Heucheras come into flower during spring to early summer, displaying several forms of attractive heart shape leaves, which can be ruffled or smooth.
    They also have a wide range of colourful foliage, including golden yellow to near black, with plumes of white, pink and red flowers, which will add interest to any garden. Heucheras are very versatile, as they grow well in sun, shade and partial shade. Heucheras thrive in semi shade, as this will bring out the colour in the leaves, showing beautiful richer tones and veining. Read more or Buy heucheras online now

  • Agapanthus

    bulbs for sale Agapanthus, also known as the African lily, is herbaceous perennial. They flower during the summer, and have flowers in the common shades of blue and purple, and also white and pink. Agapanthus love to grown is well drained soil, and thrive in a sunny position. Read More here or buy now online

  • Lavender

    climbers for sale

    Lavenders are an easy to grow, evergreen plant that produces masses of beautifully scented flowers above green or silvery-grey foliage. This drought-tolerant plant will thrive in a sunny position, with well-drained soil. They can be planted in borders, containers, herb or gravel gardens and are excellent for bees and pollinators. Read more or

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