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Posted on September 1, 2018 at 12:00 PM

most gardens have at least one area of shade, caused by trees, hedges, frences or building.

dry shade is found when the ground is sheltered from the rain by the base of walls or from the canopy of large trees. Areas of dry shade can be particularly difficult for having any success when planting many varieties of plants. It is important to improve the quality of soil that is in this area before planting anything. The first step to improve the soil is by enhancing its ability to hold water. This can be done during the spring and autumn, and can be done by adding organic matter to the area. This will allow the soil to remain damp throughout the season. If adding mulch to a particularly dry patch in your garden, and you require something that will thrive there; the following bulbs can be used

  • Hardy Cyclamen, Coum & Hederifolium
  • leucojum Gravetye Giant
  • Muscari Babys Breath

damp shade is often found in gardens near water or in areas with clay soil or woodland areas. It is important to plant the correct plant for this environment, otherwise it will not last. If you have a patch like this in your garden and are struggling to grow anything, then you need to think about improving the soil and making it into the best possible conditions to suit certain bulbs or plants. The first step to improve an area of land like this is to improve the drainage. You can do this by adding organic matter and ensuring that the ground is not compressed. By adding drainage, the ground will be able to drain away the excess water and allow the soil to become more suitable for growing your bulbs in. Bulbs for damp shade areas include:

  • Fritillaria Meleagris
  • Galanthus Nivalis
  • Anemone Nemerosa

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Most gardens have an area of shade, using the correct bulbs can can the problem area in to a feature. If it is not possible to remove or reduce the area by triming trees or moving items you need to select the correct bulb.

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