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Gardener's Delight Nursery, Barnstaple, North Devon

Buy Ornamental Tree's from Barnstaple Nursery

Buy locally grown Ornamental trees from Gardener's Delight Nursery.

Ornamental trees add a whole new layer to your garden by adding height. Their attractive leaves and flowers provide a pallet of colours throughout the year. By planting trees you are also helping the biodiversity in your area. Our staff will be able to help you choose a tree suitable for your location and soil.

By planting trees you are also helping the biodiversity in your area. Our staff will be able to help you choose a tree suitable for your location and soil.

Selection Tips

A tree is a long-term project which will usually out live the person who plants it, so some thought should go into its selection.Some points to consider are:
  • Why do you want the tree, screening, fruits, blossom or leaves
  • How tall do you want the tree to get to
  • What shape of tree do you require, column, goblet or umbrella
  • Do you require a tree that is deciduous or evergreen
  • Is the site exposed to winds, if so what direction
  • Is the soil dry or moist
  • What type of soil do you have. Clay, sandy etc

Planting Tips

Container trees can be planted at any time of the year, but establish best when planted during the autumn. Our tips on how to plant a container tree will help your tree get off to the best possible start in life.
  • Dig a hole twice the size of the pot and break up the soil at the bottom of the hole.
  • Thoroughly soak the tree in a bucket of water for an hour before planting
  • Add compost and root grow microryzonal granules to the hole
  • Remove the tree from the pot and place in the hole so that the top of the soil from the pot is about an inch below ground level. Back fill with a mix of compost and soil and firm well so there are no air pockets.
  • If the tree is in an exposed site, then use a stake and tie to keep it steady for the first few years; place the stake on the westerly side.
  • If there is any danger of rabbits or deer then put a guard round the trunk or they may strip the bark and harm the tree. These also help to protect from strimmer damage
  • Water the tree well
  • Check the tree stake and tie periodically to see that it is not to tight around the trunk causing damage

After Care Tips

Trees are a living plant and with a little extra care will thrive and become a majestic and productive tree.
  • Keep the soil area around the trunk clear of grass and weeds
  • In the early years stake the tree to prevent the root from rocking
  • Generally, trees need some drainage, so don’t plant in waterlogged areas
  • Remove any branches that become damaged
  • Generally prune when the sap is rising in the spring and summer so as not to harbour disease
  • Annually feed the base of the tree with a good organic mulch, this will both feed the tree and help to keep the soil porous in this area around the roots.

About Us

    Gardeners Delight Nursery is situated on the outskirts of Barnstaple, North Devon, on a beautiful 5 acre plot.
    We have been growing for over 25 years, and have helped our local towns and businesses gain both gold national and international awards with our stunning flower displays for Britain in Bloom.
    Our traditional growing plant nursery is based on the outskirts of Barnstaple at Roundswell and we still grow over 90% of the plants that we sell.
    As an independent local family run plant centre, we grow over 1000 different varieties of plants including, shrubs, climbers, herbaceous perennials, ornamental and fruit trees as well as bulbs, bedding and vegetable plants.
    As we grow such a large proportion of the plants we sell our plants are suited to the local Devon climate and are of the highest quality at affordable prices.
Whether you are a novice or experienced gardener our friendly trained staff are on hand to assist you.

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1 Mile from Roundswell roundabout(Sainsburys) Towards Eastleigh on the Old BideFord Road.
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