Gardener's Delight Nursery, Barnstaple, North Devon

Summer bedding plants , from Gardeners Delight Nursery.

great way to add colour to your garden for the summer month, available at our nursery

Summer bedding plants are a great way to add colour to your garden for the summer months.

We grow a broad range from old favourites, begonias, marigolds, impatiens and geraniums, to the modern hybrid surfinia petunias, basket plants, nemesias and thunbergia.
Use bedding plants in pots and containers to add colour and interest to patios, porches and seating areas. Where there are walls use hanging baskets which will add a higher level of display and interest to any area.
You can also use them in flower beds and boarders on mass or just to fill gaps again adding colour to an area that might otherwise be dull during the long lazy days of summer.
Bedding plants are a good source of food for all pollinating bees, butterflies and insects, which are also great to watch as the go about their important job.

Design hints

Here are some tips based on the search results:
  • Choose plants that have similar requirements for sun, shade and water. Most summer bedding plants do best in full sun but some, such as begonias and tobacco plants, will tolerate light shade .
  • Use a focal plant that has a strong shape, colour or texture, such as a canna, a banana plant or a palm .
  • Surround the focal plant with a mix of upright bedding plants and some that trail over the side of the container. Plant at least three of each.
  • Link the scheme together by repeating some of the same plants in each container and consider restricting the colour scheme.
  • Choose plants that will last for the whole season and not fade or die out quickly. Hardy annuals, biennials and perennials can be mixed with half-hardy bedding plants for a longer display .
  • Water and feed the plants regularly to keep them healthy and flowering. You can also deadhead faded flowers to encourage new ones.


Some of the best summer flowering bedding plants are:
  • Begonias - These are versatile bedding plants that have large, colourful flowers and can grow in sun or shade. They flower continuously from late spring to the first frosts and come in upright or trailing varieties. They are suitable for beds, borders, hanging baskets and window boxes .
  • Petunias - These are popular bedding plants that have trumpet-shaped flowers in a range of colours and patterns. They can flower from June to October and prefer a sunny spot with moist soil. They are good for containers, baskets and edging .
  • Geraniums - These are also known as pelargoniums and have clusters of flowers in shades of red, pink, purple, white and orange. They can flower from late spring to the first frosts and are robust and easy to grow. They can be grown in sun or partial shade and need regular deadheading .
  • Cosmos - These are annual bedding plants that have daisy-like flowers in white, pink or purple. They can flower from July to November and attract bees and butterflies. They can grow up to 1.5m tall and need a sunny spot with well-drained soil. They are good for borders, pots and cut flowers .