Real Xmas Trees for sale Barnstaple , North Devon

High quality , locally growth christmas trees from Barnstaple, North Devon

Real Christmas trees for sale

Real xmas trees, get the real feeling of christmas and help the planet.
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1 Mile from Roundswell roundabout(Sainsburys) Towards Eastleigh on the Old BideFord Road.

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With a large range of Christmas trees, hand-made holly wreaths, planted flower arrangements, pot plants, decorations and delicious fresh local vegetables start your Christmas at Gardeners Delight Nursery n Barnstaple We have been growing and supplying Christmas trees from our nursery site in Barnstaple, North Devon for over twenty five years.

Benifits of a real Christmas Trees

  • It's estimated that real trees use 10 times fewer materials and five times less energy than artificial trees.
  • They are completely biodegradable and can be recycled and composted.
  • They are grown in the UK.
  • Real trees are a renewable resource, with one tree planted for every tree harvested.
  • Growing real Christmas trees provides jobs in rural areas, where employment can be hard to come by.
  • Great for allergy sufferers
  • You can shape the tree to fit
  • They provide the smell of real christmas

Tree Care

  • Cut 25mm off the bottom of the trunk and place in a bucket of water for a few hours or until you are ready to bring your tree into your home.
  • We recommend that you use a container or tree stand that will hold water so that you can hydrate your tree over the festive season.
  • Do not place trees against radiators or near to fires.
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How to Decorated a Tree

Anyone can throw some lights on a tree, but a beautifully decorated Christmas tree can light up the holiday spirit of everyone who sees it. Make sure your tree looks exquisite and classic by decorating with elegance. You'll need some planning time and a budget for ornaments, and then arrange all the decorations in order. Read more!

Hand-made traditional holly wreaths are available from the beginning of December. We usually have good selection of ready-made wreaths for you to choose from, but as we make all our wreaths by hand, we welcome orders to ensure that they are available for you at busy times. We also make large door decorative wreaths from a range of natural materials either to order or available from our pre made selection. Read more!
Enjoy your Christmas dinner with our fresh locally grown vegetables, we will have a selection including SPROUTS on STALKS in our farm shop. We also have a range of Christmas decorations, flowering house plants and seasonal planters available from our nursery
Xmas tree

Our tree varieties

Norway Spruce
The traditional Christmas tree, with glossy dark green foliage was introduced to our homes by Prince Albert for Queen Victoria, and has the traditional scent associated with Christmas All our Norway spruce are hand pruned to give a lovely conical shape and are grown by us or from a local grower ensuring a fresh tree that will drop very few needles.
Nordmann Fir
The very best of needle holding Christmas trees Nordmann firs have foliage that is dark green with a silver sheen and has a fantastic aroma. They are a premium tree that will hold 99% of their needles, with many of our customers placing the tree in their gardens until March. Slower growing and requiring a high rain fall and cooler climate to grow to their best we now supply these trees from a Scottish grower who has these ideal conditions to produce top quality premium graded trees with a beautiful shape
Frazer Fir
A fairly new introduction Frazer firs are a premium tree that tend to be narrower than Nordmann firs, they will hold 90% of their needles and have an amazing aroma The needles are much finer than a Nordmann fir and have a beautiful silver reverse Available in sizes from six to nine feet.
Xmas tree Xmas tree Xmas tree

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