Agapanthus plants, from Gardeners Delight Nursery.

Agapanthus plants, avaiable at our nursery and online

Agapanthus, also known as the African lily, is herbaceous perennial. They flower during the summer, and have flowers in the common shades of blue and purple, and also white and pink. Agapanthus love to grown is well drained soil, and thrive in a sunny position.
They thrive in any well-drained, sunny position in the garden, or grow these beauties in containers.

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our range includes

  • Blue Agapanthus: African Skies, Black Pantha, Northern star, Pretty Sandy, Queen mum, Sweet Surprise
  • Purple Agapanthus: Black Magic,Indigo Dreams,Royal Velvet
  • White Agapanthus: Blue ice, Bridal Bouquet, Silver Baby,Snow Crystal,Snow Pixie, Strawberry Ice,Twister

African Skies, BLACK MAGIC ,Black Pantha, Blue ice, Bridal Bouquet, Indigo Dreams, Northern star, Pretty Sandy, Queen mum,Royal Velvet Silver Baby, Snow Crystal, Snow Pixie, Strawberry Ice, Sweet Surprise, Twister


Agapanthus Black Magic


Our darkest cultivar, black buds open to dark inky indigo flowers. Flower head is rounded but with some pendulous trumpets. Deciduous and late flowering.
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Agapanthus Indigo Dreams


Hardy campanulastus type with the darkest indigo flowers. Small open umbels are produced in great numbers on each plant. Deciduous. Grows to 70cm in height.
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Agapanthus Northern Star


Dark purple buds open to star shaped flowers in July that are blue with darker purple stripes down each petal. Very free flowering and hardy.
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Agapanthus Royal Velvet


A stunning Agapanthus with velvety purple flowers. Very Hardy. Perfect for borders and containers. Deciduous.
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Agapanthus Sweet Surprise

Sweet Surprise

This Agapanthus has pale blue flowers with a striking dark blue line down the middle of each flower. When the flowers open they are beautifully star-shaped. Evergreen.
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Agapanthus Twister


A deciduous agapanthus, fleshy rooted clump forming herbaceous perennial. Narrow strap like green leaves. Bi-colour open-trumpet flowers, blue in the centre to white on the petal edge.
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Agapanthus African Skies

Agapanths African Skies

Deep blue flowers are held on upward pointing pedicels. Strong growing, this large cultivar has attractive broad, deep green evergreen leaves.
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Agapanthus black pantha


Almost black buds produce very dark blue trumpet shape flowers on stems that have a dark stain to them. Evergreen.
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Agapanthus Blue Ice


A new cultivar that has large pale blue flowers and attractive evergreen leaves with a purple base. Upright stems and large full heads.
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Agapanthus Bridal Bouquet


Large open white flowerheads are in bloom earlier than most cultivars. Some repeat flowering is common into July.
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Agapanthus Queen Mum


Bi-colour flowers that change from blue in the throat to white on the petal edge. Large flower heads produced on strong upright stems. Evergreen, broad strap-like green leaves.
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Agapanthus Silver Baby


Striking silvery-white flowers with tinged blue edges. Delightful dwarf form with excellent free flowering habit. Evergreen.
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Agapanthus Snow Crystal


Lovely white flowers are produced on tall upright stems, evergreen foliage. Growing to a height of 80cm.
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Agapanthus Snow Pixie


Dwarf selection that carries many spikes of white flowers in summer. Spikes are topped by small flowerheads of many individual white florets. Evergreen.
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Agapanthus Strawberry Ice


White flowers that are clustered and have a pink flush which becomes darker as the flower ages. A very striking evergreen.
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