Vegetable plants ready for you to transplant,
from Gardeners Delight Nursery.

Avaiable at our nursery now

We grow a large range of seasonal vegetable plants ready for you to transplant into your gardens or allotments. These are varieties that we grow on our Market Garden for fresh vegetable sales at Farmers Markets and for our Box Scheme.

At out barnstaple plant nursery we stock :-

  • Artichoke Green Globe: also good as a foliage plant in a border
  • Asparagus : F1 hybrid two year roots (MARCH/APRIL) or large pots
  • Brussel sprouts : three varieties for a long picking season from October to March
  • Beans : French both climbing and dwarf in packs of 12
  • Runner beans in several varieties for long season and flower colour
  • Borlotto Tintoretto a dwarf reliable variety what-ever the weather
  • Cabbages savoy, green and red ball cabbages for coleslaw and spring
  • Calabrese (Broccoli) Three different varieties to give a long cutting season
  • Cauliflower : several varieties for planting from April to June giving fresh cauliflower from August to March
  • Cucumber : F1 All female varieties with either long or small lunch box sized fruits for protected growing and Ridge types for outside cultivation
  • Lettuce : open flat heads and lollo rosso types in packs of 12
  • Leeks : Pots of strong plants ready to transplant in June
  • Peas : in pots or packs these can be grown in a container or in the garden
  • Tomato : We have a range of seed raised or grafted plants for small, large, red, yellow or stripped fruits.
  • Pepper : We grow both Sweet and Hot peppers to produce green, red or yellow fruit, with varying strength of heat.

There are often a few extra items such as Cleriac, Kol Rabi and sweet potato if we have extra plants from our market garden

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