Heucheras plants, from Gardeners Delight Nursery.

Heucheras plants, avaiable at our nursery and online

Heucheras are an evergreen, herbaceous perennial that are native to North America. Heucheras come into flower during spring to early summer, displaying several forms of attractive heart shape leaves, which can be ruffled or smooth. They also have a wide range of colourful foliage, including golden yellow to near black, with plumes of white, pink and red flowers, which will add interest to any garden. Heucheras are very versatile, as they grow well in sun, shade and partial shade. Heucheras thrive in semi shade, as this will bring out the colour in the leaves, showing beautiful richer tones and veining. click here

At out barnstaple plant nursery we stock :-

Heucheras from our nursery

Heucheras Blondie in Lime


Vibrant lime green foliage plant for containers and borders..

Heucheras Cinnebar-Silver


Heuchera 'Cinnabar Silver' has a stunning metallic silver foliage with dark purple veining.

Heucheras Electra


This heuchera has shocking, blood-red veins that electrify its golden leaves. This foligae is gret for containers or borders. .

Heucheras Golden Zebra

Golden Zebra

This striking heuchera has great foliage, combining golden leaves with red centres. These are perfect for containers and borders.

Heucheras Gotham


This heuchera has deep burgundy foliage, with fawn flowers. The contrast between the two colours causes it to stand out in a border, or even a container.

Heucheras Little Cutie Blondie


This heuchera has caramel foliage, with fawn flowers. It is great for putting in borders and containers.

Heucheras Onyx


The true dark foliage is contrasted againt the white flowers it produces. This heuchera can be planted in borders or containers.

Heucheras Paris


This Heuchera has white-veiled green leaves with clusters of deep rose-colored flowers. These repeating blooming heucheras are perfect for borders or containers.

Heucheras Red Lightning

Red Lightning

Heuchera Red Lightning has striking foliage of golden leaves with electrifying red veins. Can be striking in a border or container.

Heuchera Rio


Rio has foliage that changes through out the season. Starting of peach-amber, turning to amber, tan, and finaly turning to a yellow tan colour. it also produces short maroon flower spikes with white flowers.

Heuchera Shanghai


This heuchera produces silvery-purple leaves, with dark stems and white flowers. The contrast from the leaves to flowers will make for an interesting piece in any border or container.

Heuchera Sweet Tart

Red Lightning

Amazing bicoloured cerise and hot pink flowers contrast with the lime coloured foliage of 'Sweet Tart'.

Heuchera Tokyo


Tokyo has a beautiful flower of bright red, and foliage of lime green. This heuchera is perfect in borders or containers.

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