Bedding plants ready for you to transplant,
from Gardeners Delight Nursery.

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Packed with colour and scent this part of the gardening calendar is a must for every garden, whether it is a small pot by a window, hanging baskets on walls or full on borders of colour. Planted outside from the beginning of June these plants will flower until the first frosts of the year, which is round mid-October. We grow a range of plants that we trust to perform in our local area.
Where possible we grow modern F1 hybrids for their added strengths and not cheaper inferior seed options. All our bedding plants are grown by us at our nursery and sold when the season and weather is correct for planting.
Don't be tempted by early plants sold in supermarkets that often don't perform or have not been cared for correctly.
We supply hanging baskets for many local towns for their "Britain in Bloom" entries, as well as hotels, caravan sites and pubs. Our range includes impatiens, marigolds, lobelia, begonia semperflorens, geraniums, upright nonstop begonias and trailing begonias. A host of plants suitable for hanging baskets and containers, bacoppa, diascia and nepeta.

Planting Tips

  • Dead hand Regularly
  • Water Daily
  • Use a good quality compost
  • Liquid feed with a seaweed based product such as 'tomorite' for flower buds

  • busy lizzy impatiens

    busy_lizzy_impatiens Impatiens commonly known as "Busy Lizies" are back with new varieties that are free from virus and have performed for us under our own trials for three years. Use these for pots, containers, borders and hanging baskets where there bright colours will bring that wow factor.

  • Begonia Semperflorens

    begonia-semperflorens Begonia Semperflorens are great for sun to semi shade and in areas which don't get watered often and will flower until November with a little extra care in the autumn.

  • Fruit & Vegetables

    non-stop-begonias Nonstop Begonias and trailing begonias are fantastic for hanging baskets and containers. Flowers come in a range of colours from pastels to bright eye catching oranges and bi colours. New this year is the scented falls series which will trail and are scented, great for wall baskets by doors or windows. All will grow in sun to light shade.

  • Surfinia

    surfinia Trailing petunia Surfinia are the main stay of many baskets with bright colours, amazing growth and flower power.

  • Our range is complimented with a host of plants that will fill gaps, trail or spread and are all of the finest quality and grown by us.

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